Enter To Win


Your school can be a part of the world’s first ever inter-school passing and catching skills competition.

With awesome prizes up for grabs, including a grand prize valued at R 30 000 for the best school in Southern Africa, the Nashua Rugby Skills Project is going all out to make rugby development fun and ensure that everybody has a chance to win!


To join the Nashua Rugby Skills Project, simply complete the short form below. Someone from your local Nashua franchise will be in touch to enter your school as soon as possible. 

Watch more about Gcobani and the NRSP 2019 team
Watch more about Gcobani and the NRSP 2019 team

The goal of Nashua Rugby Skills Project is to make a massive increase the skills of South African youth. Nashua are passionate about rugby, skills and the youth. We believe that coaches are the key to unlock the skills shortage we face in SA rugby. We want to help coaches and players!  That’s why we’ve partnered with the worlds leading ball skills development program, ShadowBall.


Each Nashua Rugby Skills Project event is designed to be an experience that will help players to love the game more. Simoultaneously, coaches receive the world class skills training from accredited ShadowBall coaches who are also former Springboks.  At each event, players undertake a fun skills challenge called the “ShadowBall Ultimate Skills Challenge” to measure their ball skills. 



At the end of the day, each schools will receive a ShadowBall Pass Booster Program valued at R 3900. All courtesy of Nashua. The entire program is valued at more than R 16 000 per school. 


The event runs between the end of January  and July.


During that time, this team of world class professional coaches and former springbok players travels to as many as 35 cities in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia – twice. 


This event is the largest of it’s kind in the world and has been shortlisted for 2 sports industry awards in 2018. 

The first visit will be to measure the team’s skills and introduce the ShadowBall Pass Booster Program to all the participants.

Then a second visit some 4-6 weeks later will enable all the teams to be measured again to see  how much they have improved after using the ShadowBall Pass Booster Program and award prizes for those who achieve.

Nashua Skills Project by Shadowball

A leaderboard is run on this site where you can go can compare your results and stats against the rest of the teams and players. The leaderboard shows all the scores across the drills, school teams, provincial and national leading scores. The top school  in each category will be crowned the best in the land at the end of the 2019 drive.

For Schools

If you believe that your school has what it takes to become the best of the best, enter yourselves into the competition. Check out our roadmap link (insert link) to see when the Nashua Rugby Skills Roadshow hits your town and then contact us to see if we can get your team to participate. The competition is for Grade 7 and 8 teams, so if you think your team can win – give us a shout.

For The Individual

With every school that we visit, all the players go into a national leaderboard to see their scores against their teammates and other players. We’ve got awesome prizes and not only will we find the most skillful player in the land for 2019, but there are plenty of spot prizes and giveaways happening throughout the national roadshow.



To join the Nashua Rugby Skills Project, simply complete the short form below. Someone from your local Nashua franchise will be in touch to enter your school as soon as possible. 



Nashua Rugby Skills project Scoring, ranking and prize giving processes

  1. Schools will be competing for overall top ranking bragging rights in the Nashua Rugby Skills Project Powered by ShadowBall.
  2. Schools will also be competing among 9 local regions and 2 international regions for the chance to win a prize valued at  R 30 000.
  3. The regions are broken up as follows:

    1 day after each round 2 event an updated leaderboard will be posted to https://nashuarugbyskillsproject.co.za/ with the latest rankings per region. Scores from the second round will count towards the final ranking.  Schools will be able to see where they are placed nationally and regionally. In the event of a tie, round 1 scores will be added to the scores to determine the final winner.

  4. Individual players will compete for spot prizes from ShadowBall and Nashua on each day of round 2. Prizes will be awarded for the highest score on 2 pre-selected challenges for the day.

  5. Individual players will also be gunning for the prestigious prize of most improved player. There will be spot prizes and event prizes up for grabs at each school event of the Nashua Rugby Skills Project. Prizes will be awarded to the most improved player from each venue. This prize will be awarded by the Nashua Franchise owner at a school assembly. The targeted date for this prize giving will be within 2 weeks of the round 2 events.

  6. Finally, there is 1 prize to be awarded to the coach of the most improved player from school from each region. This prize will also be handed over by the Nashua Franchise owner at the end of round 2 events.